The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety
An initiative of the University of Regina Office Of The Vice-President (Research)

Public safety is crucial to the well-being of each and every Canadian citizen and visitor to this country.

We need you to take the Canadian Survey to Assess Operational Stress Injuries and Symptoms for Canadian First Responders and other Public Safety Personnel

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Nous comptons sur vous pour participer à notre étude: Évaluation des blessures de stress opérationnel et des symptômes chez les premiers répondants et les autres membres du personnel de la sécurité publique au Canada

Pour démarrer le sondage cliquez ici  Des informations supplémentaires concernant le sondage est disponible ici OSIPrevelanceinvite-fr

Announcing the release of - Peer Support and Crisis-Focused Psychological Intervention Programs in Canadian First Responders: Blue Paper

View the executive summary here  Download the full report 

Vous pouvez consulter un résumé du Blue Paper  Blue Paper Sommaire

The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety is the result of the amalgamation of the Saskatchewan Justice Institute and the Canadian Centre for Public Safety and First Responders. This new Centre creates a critical mass of leading-edge research and technology advancement opportunities, as well as specialized education in the fields of justice, safety and first response. Through partnerships with other educational institutions, as well as private and public agencies, the Centre will enable research and development that may otherwise not be undertaken.