The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety
An initiative of the University of Regina Office Of The Vice-President (Research)

Partners & Members

Due to the extensive number of first responders and public safety agencies and educational institutions located within Saskatchewan, there are several organizations the Centre can pursue for partnerships during its initial and post-start-up phase. These organizations include the Saskatchewan Police College, Regina Airport Authority, Saskatchewan Police Commission, Regina Police Service, Crown corporations, the Ministry of Environment and its conservation officers, the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), and the Highway Traffic Board in Saskatchewan.

Moving forward, the Centre attempts to collaborate and create partnerships with these and other organizations to ensure that a duplication of resources, research projects and efforts in the first responders and public safety sector are minimized.

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Membership Policy

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Membership Policy

The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety (CCJS) is a Type I research institute of the University of Regina. As outlined in University of Regina policy 140.20. Individuals and organizations may become members of the CCJS. The CCJS aims to be as inclusive as possible and to bring together diverse institutions, organizations, groups and individuals endeavouring to facilitate and promote positive justice transformations.

General Membership (Regular Members)

General membership in the CCJS is akin to membership on a list-serve and is open to anyone with an interest in innovative and effective approaches to advancing professional realms of Justice and Public Safety through research, scholarship, education and training, policy, and leadership.

There is no fee for membership (this policy is subject to change by the Council). The Executive Director shall approve all applications for General Membership.

All CCJS members have an obligation to actively promote the basic aims of the CCJS and  all members shall be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Members shall receive CCJS electronic publications, annual reports, and any other announcements on the achievements and initiatives of the CCJS. Where there is a cost for the publication members shall normally receive a discount.
  • Members shall be made aware of opportunities to participate in activities of the CCJS (e.g. public presentations, research, and training).
  • Members are eligible to participate in the Annual Meeting of the CCJS.
  • Members shall be recommended to apply for membership in CCJS affiliate organizations. 

Note that membership fees could be applicable if a member wishes to obtain membership in any formal affiliate of the CCJS in accordance with those organizations' membership policies.

Special Membership Categories

All CCJS ‘Council Members’, ‘Advisory Members’, and ‘Research Associate Members’ are also regular members of the CCJS.

1) Council Membership

The Council for the Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety provides advice to the Executive Director and the Vice-President (Research) to guide the strategic implementation of the Centre’s goals. The Council provides advice on the CCJS strategy, annual plan and budget and how the activities support the University’s strategic plan.

The Council is comprised of up to twelve members. At least half of the members will be appointed broadly from the academic ranks of the University of Regina. The Council selects from among its members a Chairperson, and a Vice-Chairperson and any other officers as required. Such officers shall act as the Executive of the CCJS Council. At least one executive position will be from the academic ranks of the University of Regina. The Executive Director shall sit as an ex-officio member of the Council.

The Council recommends, as required, Community of Expert (COE) committees whose role shall be to provide support and advice on specific projects and initiatives.

2) Advisory Membership

Advisory Members are those who serve in a formal consultative or advisory role for the CCJS and provide advice and make recommendations on existing and future directions of the CCJS when called upon to do so by the Council. .

3) Research Associate Membership

Undergraduate, Master-level, Doctoral-level, and Post-Doctoral researchers may be invited by the CCJS to contribute to and enrich the CCJS's research, scholarship, education and training, policy, and/or leadership endeavours. No stipend is normally attached to this position, but the CCJS may provide other forms of support such as shared office space, access to computer facilities, and some other institutional resources (e.g., library privileges) at the University of Regina. Individuals may be nominated for this special category of membership, which comes with an exemption from paying the membership dues. The CCJS Council reviews each Research Associate appointment.

Privacy Statement

The Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety maintains mailing and electronic mailing lists exclusively to advise its membership of CCJS activities, news, resources, and forthcoming events. The CCJS will not, under any circumstances or in any manner, provide a member’s name, mailing address, postal code, email address or any other personal or identifying information to any other entity, except as required by law.